Chanel Boston Bags

For Spring/Summer 2002, Karl Lagerfeld released Chanel’s Sport Line. A collection that worked with more casual, utilitarian materials, the bags were crafted of a mix of nylon, rubber, canvas, and mesh. They were available in a variety of colors (black/white, grey/white, and blue/orange) and styles (messenger bags, backpacks, and boston bags). Each featured a rubber ‘CC’ logo on its front and the brand name stitched into its straps. 

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More about Chanel Boston Bags

Since, Chanel has discontinued its Sport Line; however, the pieces remain as popular as ever. As they were produced in limited quantities, they are now extremely difficult to find pre-owned and have become true collector’s items. 

Looking for a travel bag that is both stylish and practical? A duffel style, the Chanel Sport Line Boston Bag is large enough to fit everything you need on a quick getaway but small enough to carry-on. Made to handle a little wear and tear, you will not have to worry about it getting any scratches or scuffs on your journey. An added bonus: it can be carried before your next vacation. With its multiple compartments that are sized to fit every workout essential, including sneakers and a yoga mat, the Chanel Sport Line Boston Bag is also suitable for the gym. 

Browse our pre-loved collection of Chanel Boston Bags. If you are quick enough, you might be able to score one from the coveted Sport Line. 

Concerned that you are investing in a knock-off? To help our customers shop with confidence, we have published our authentication process for each brand. Read our Chanel guide to become an expert yourself.