Celine Totes

Noted for its luxurious and minimalistic aesthetic, Celine provides the modern-day working women with pieces that leave a lasting impression. From vintage totes to the Luggage Tote and the various interpretations of the Cabas Tote, the French fashion house knows a thing or two about crafting timeless bags. The kind of bags you will treasure forever, and that will continue to elevate work and weekend ensembles, season after season.

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More about Celine totes

Some vintage Celine totes are covered with the Macadam pattern, which was inspired by Parisian cobblestones. Others are detailed with the Triomphe logo, which gets its name from Arc de Triomphe. Some totes feature both the Macadam and Triomphe. Newer Celine totes are also covered with the Triomphe logo.

Introduced in Phoebe Philo’s debut collection in 2010, the Luggage Tote quickly became a must-have. Since then, it has launched in numerous colors and materials. Choose from an array of solid colors or tricolor options, crafted from smooth or grained leather, suede, or textile. Ranging from nano, micro, mini, and the discontinued medium to Phantom medium to Phantom large, the Luggage Tote and Phantom Luggage Tote are also available in various sizes. Although named nano, micro, and mini, these sizes are still spacious enough to fit your everyday essentials.

Presenting tempting options, the Cabas Tote is available in vertical and horizontal, various materials, colors, and patterns.

At The Vintage Bar, we aim to bring you the most coveted pre-owned and vintage luxury pieces. We offer an ever-changing selection of Celine totes, wallets, and more. The best part? You can buy styles at a lower price or ones that are no longer in production while also encouraging a more circular economy.