Celine Shoulder Bags

With Phoebe Philo’s departure from Celine, Old Celine is trending as everyone buys out her famously minimalistic designs. Go further back into Celine’s archives and discover the different Celine Shoulder Bags which have been created over time. Carrying one of the Celine shoulder bags, everyone will know you are a loyal Celine-phile.


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More about Celine Shoulder Bags

Known for their clean lines and classic designs, Celine have designed many different styles of the shoulder bag. Very known for their coated canvas decorated with the Celine Macadam logo, multiple shoulder bags have been crafted with this print. The Macadam print is dark brown covered with a look-a-like honeycomb print. You’ll find the Celine shoulder bags with the Macadam print both paired with brown leather details or black. The colors give the bag two completely different looks, so do not worry, there’ll be a style for everyone. 

If the shoulder bag in the brown Macadam doesn't fit you, Celine has also created some beautiful shoulder bags in leather, in more neutral colors such as white, black and grey. These beautiful Celine bags are often decorated with gold hardware details on the bag and on the shoulder strap. 

Whether you’re looking for a shoulder bag you can carry as your luggage for an overnight stay, or for the classic envelope style to wear during the week, you will find a Celine Classic shoulder bag to suit your style. There are Celine shoulder bags in all sizes, whether you’re looking for a small, medium or large. Get the look for less, with these vintage pieces from Celine, which can be found in different price ranges.