Celine Backpacks

Celine have truly found a way to turn backpacks into a must-have fashion piece. Whether you’re looking for a backpack to carry books, computer and necessities for the everyday life, or just wanting a special accessory – Celine has got it for you! 


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More About Celine Backpacks

They have multiple vintage backpacks, in different colors and fabrics. For example, a black leather backpack detailed with gold hardware which features “CELINE PARIS” stamped on it. In a smaller size, this backpack is perfect for carrying your essentials, and maybe a little more for an all day excursion. If black is too subtle for you, do not worry – the multicolored fabric backpack will make heads turn! In autumn colors and detailed with brown leather, this small backpack will go very well with your day trip. Most of the vintage backpacks, will often have a flap closure with drawstrings. The perfect size for everyday essentials, you definitely do not have to go back to school to wear this Celine Backpack.

The past couple of years Celine have also released some modern backpacks, made of their Macadam print on coated canvas, or plain leather. These Celine backpacks have a more modern look to them, and are suitable for carrying a computer and a bottle of water for classes. They feature a zipper closure which goes around the bag, and some styles have an extra front pocket to store your chapstick and bobby pins.