Bottega Veneta Duffel Bags

Bottega Veneta prioritizes understated, rather than obvious, luxury. With no logo, the house’s heritage lies in its craftsmanship; Bottega Veneta pieces are more famous for how they are made than what they look like. They are known and loved for their materials and design, as well as the talent and training of the artisans that create them. 

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More about Bottega Veneta Duffel Bags

Bottega Veneta pieces are crafted mostly of Nappa, which is a supple and full-grain leather. Because it is extremely delicate, Bottega Veneta has developed a technique to make it longer lasting and more hardwearing. In a process known as Intrecciato, Bottega Veneta cuts the leather into thin strips and weaves them together to create a stronger textile.

Looking for a weekender style bag, which is durable enough to survive your travels? Shop for a Bottega Veneta Duffel Bag (also spelled duffle). No matter your method of transportation, your Bottega Veneta Duffel Bag will return from every trip looking like new. So, you can check it in at the airport or tuck it under your seat on the train without worry. 

Currently retailing for around $4,000, browse our collection of pre-owned Bottega Veneta Duffel Bags to save! With one in tow, you will be discreetly stylish on your next getaway.