Balenciaga Work

Balenciaga Work is the Largest Bag from the Balenciaga’s Motorcycle Bag Collection. Balenciaga’s Motorcycle Bag collection is a must-have in every fashion lovers’ wardrobe. Though it was not always considered a fashion essential, it was initially designed as a prototype for a Balenciaga fashion show until it caught Kate Moss’ eyes. Her interest convinced Nicolas Ghesquière to manufacture 25 bags exclusively for fashion editors and models. And now, the rest is history. 


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More about Balenciaga Work

Balenciaga Work bags were created for wear and tear. Its edgier appearance holds true to its durability. Balenciaga Work looks amazing worn out, that’s because Ghesquiere, in fact, designed it to appear vintage and worn. Its soft, light weight leather was made to take a thrashing, and looks just as fabulous well used. Not edgy enough for you? The Balenciaga Giant Work bag will do the trick. Unfortunately, it is no longer in production but you can score yourself one in the second hand market. 

The Balenciaga Classic Work bag – a larger version than the other Motorcycle bags, does not come with a shoulder strap. Heading to school or your 9-5 job, the Balenciaga Work Bag is the perfect sized bag to do it all. It is big enough to fit your laptop, textbook and even a snack. You won’t regret making this impulsive purchase.