Balenciaga Weekender

Balenciaga’s Motorcycle Bags, which were originally released in 2001, were designed to take a beating. Similar to your favorite leather jacket, they should only look better with use. 

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More about Balenciaga Weekender

Though, Mary-Kate Olsen took this a bit too literally. Immediately upon the line’s release, the style icon was snapped carrying the Balenciaga City (in mint) almost everywhere she went. In 2006, when she showed up to an interview with W Magazine, her favorite accessory was at her side; however, it looked more gray than green, was covered with pen marks, and even had a piece of half-chewed gum stuck to its bottom. 

Want a bag you can wear to death like Mary-Kate? Shop our collection of Balenciaga Motorcycle Bags. All pre-owned, they are already perfectly worn in and will last for decades to come. 

If you are looking for a durable, luxury travel bag, then you should definitely consider the Balenciaga Weekender. The size of a traditional duffle bag, it is perfect for short getaways. Carry the Balenciaga Weekender onto the plane (it fits perfectly in the overhead compartments and will survive the flight even if its tassels accidentally get closed in the door), or check it in (no matter how much it is thrown around by the luggage carriers, its studs and buckles will stay in place). 

Finally, a luxury travel bag you do not have to worry about the entire time you are in transit!