Balenciaga Twiggy

Balenciaga Twiggy, the Perfect Date Night AccessoryBalenciaga Motorcycle Bag collection is globally known. But that was not always the case, the initial design was discard for a year before supermodel Kate Moss got a glimpse of it and everything changed. Her interest for the bag got creative director of the time, Nicolas Ghesquiere to produce 25 exclusive sample pieces in 2001. Almost 2 decades later, its popularity has not slow down. 


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More about Balenciaga Twiggy

The Balenciaga Twiggy is no longer in production but you can buy it pre-owned. Balenciaga Twiggy Bag is crafted in a log shaped bag. Despite being shorter than the City, it holds just as much as the City can. If you find the Balenciaga Twiggy too big for your everyday use you can get yourself a Balenciaga Mini Twiggy. The Balenciaga Mini Twiggy comes with a longer adjustable strap, so you can wear it crossbody by your hip instead of your chest. 

Going out for a dinner date, the Balenciaga Classic Twiggy Bag will be the perfect accessory. It is the ideal size, where it is small enough to carry all your essentials without it looking too bulky and not too big where it’s a hassle carrying it. The Balenciaga Twiggy Bag will quickly become your go-to bag for every date night, trust me.