Balenciaga Midday

No bag screams effortless, cool girl vibes quite like a bag from Balenciaga's Motorcycle line. If you are after a killer rock-chic aesthetic as well as a spacious accessory, then look no further than the Balenciaga Midday. The Midday is perhaps the most practical style from Balenciaga's famous Motorcycle bag collection from the early '00s. Thanks to its large size and round bowling bag shape, it can carry everything you need to be the perfect groupie!  

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More about Balenciaga Midday

The House of Balenciaga was founded in Paris in 1937 by Spanish fashion designer Cristóbal Balenciaga. Since then, it has become one of the most stylish and in-demand luxury brands of today. 

In recent times, one of Balenciaga's most notable successes is its Motorcycle bag line. Spawning many iterations, including the Midday bag, the rocker-chic look yet surprisingly simple design has since been immortalized and become a part of fashion and, more specifically, handbag history. Just like Cristóbal Balenciaga helped redefine haute couture with his innovative and daring designs, the house's collection of Motorcycle bags shook up the 'It' bags of the early 21st century. The unstructured and unpolished look stood in complete contrast to other notable must-have bags of the era. 

Cristóbal Balenciaga's masterful skill as a couturier can be seen in the very DNA of the Motorcycle bags. He knew how to use materials to their full potential. The naturally distressed look of the leather makes the bags immediately recognizable even without a logo. The lightweight yet durable quality of the leather is perfect for the larger Midday style.