At The Vintage Bar, we believe every professional should have a briefcase that does more than just hold important documents. We strive to help put our beautiful, pre-loved bags into the hands of shoppers at an affordable price. Our commitment is to finding authentic pieces to create an unforgettable vintage shopping experience for our clients. We recognize the value of having a signature designer briefcase to complement the brains and beauty of any fashionista.


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More about Briefcases

Our team has searched for previously-owned, designer briefcases in order to get them into the hands of lovely new owners. We have handpicked quality, pre-loved bags by using our years of experience and careful examination of each piece. We use our expertise to ensure each briefcase’s brand legitimacy and will additionally include a certificate of authenticity with any item ordered from The Vintage Bar. We also offer two weeks for each person to examine the items and decide if they want to keep them or not. We make returns easy so that our clients can take the time to find a piece that is a perfect fit for them.

We offer fashionable laptop bags that make it easy to travel with computers, tablets, and other electronic devices. Our wide selection of vintage briefcases ensures our customers can find the perfect style and size to meet their individual needs. It’s simple to pack one of our pieces with all the essentials for a trip across the world or a trip across the street. The quality of each bag ensures the safety and protection of items from getting scratched or falling out.

We know how stressful it can be to put together a great outfit for an important meeting. Our designer briefcases for women help our customers feel confident as they walk into an interview with their resumes tucked safely inside their bags. Our authentic leather bags will also make any look feel sophisticated and “on-brand.” The beautiful material will help portray a professional demeanor that will make any employer ready to hire our briefcase owners. 

Whether it’s for going to work, appointments, business meetings, or conferences, we are confident we can find a vintage briefcase for each person ready to become the new owner of a luxurious leather bag. We believe that having great style should be affordable and accessible, so we have created a shopping experience where everyone can find a beautiful piece that fits their needs and style.