We believe visually tailored shoppable content, through a fusion of branding and commerce, provides an engaging shopping experience and generates more revenue.

Every aspect of our visual branding communicates who we are.


Combining a unique product assortment with a high-end approach to branding

The Vintage Bar is more akin to a publication than a traditional webshop with its editorial layout and content focused on lifestyle. Our concept consists of three pillars that, combined, explains why secondhand shopping should be the new normal.


In an industry driven på newness, we focus on resale and aim to preserve luxury fashion, expanding the lifespan of some of fashion’s most iconic designs. We want to disrupt the industry.


We’re dedicated to become the most trusted reseller of pre-owned premium and luxury fashion. We therefore offer insights into the brands we carry, detailing our knowledge of their heritage and craftsmanship and share it with our community.


We aim to stimulate moments of reflection, generate awareness and involvement in relation to pre-owned fashion by being a source of inspiration for our community.


Color Palete

We’ve chosen the color palette – that we use for our content creation – because it evokes a sense of luxury, credibility and all the colors are very earthy which ties into our love for sustainability. This also ensures that our designer pieces stand out.


We want to evoke emotions in our community with the content that we create and all elements used in content creation works towards this goal. We want to come across as luxurious, exclusive, inspiring, trustworthy and professional. As a part of The Vintage Bar, you’ll be perceived in this way as you’ll be subject to our branding as well.

Core Elements

Merging content & commerce

We strive to offer unique, fresh and inspiring insights from the industry alongside product promotion in an effort to combine content and commerce. By doing this, we ensure that customers are more likely to return in order to discover more stories, regardless of how many and how often they actually make purchases.