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Get the Look

4 Non-Basket Beach Bags

…because basket bags have had their moment in the sun.

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With Loewe’s Slit and Cult Gaia’s Ark leading the way, woven bags have been crowding coastlines since Summer 2017. Looking to stand out with a catchall that is still beach friendly? These (re: canvas, mesh, nylon, denim, and vinyl) options are also salt, sand, and sun resistant – not to mention, trendy! An added bonus: they offer more than a summer fling. Just as wearable with jeans and booties as sundresses and sandals, you can style them year-round. Swim against the tide, and carry one of our picks. 

Cover photography by: @emilisindlev

Edited by : Anna Villani

The people pictured are not associated with The Archive or The Vintage Bar, and do not endorse the products shown.

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