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Introducing the Louis Vuitton Padlock

Louis Vuitton’s iconic locks: from securing your belongings to sealing your love.

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For Louis Vuitton, it has always been about the lock. What is now seemingly a stylistic element on the classic handbags we all covet, was actually one of the motivating forces behind the entire brand. Since 1854, when Louis Vuitton set out to establish himself as a luxury trunk-master, the label has been consumed with the development and role of one of its most identifiable details – featured long before its now famous monogram.

At a time when the transportation of luggage especially attracted the attention of burglars, Louis Vuitton aimed to assure its customers that their belongings would be secure in its trunks. But it was not until 1886, with the help of Louis’s son Georges, that the brand revolutionized luggage locks with a – unpickable! – tumbler lock that lived up to its high security standards. Confident in the lock, Georges even challenged Harry Houdini – an illusionist known for his escape acts – to free himself from a Louis Vuitton Steamer trunk. Houdini never accepted the dare, and the effectiveness of the Louis Vuitton lock became indisputable.

Starting with the Steamer bag in 1901, Louis Vuitton transitioned its signature lock, in the form of the padlock we still see today, to its range of handbags. With one key numbered to match a corresponding lock per bag, Louis Vuitton began not only to offer its same level of security to its smaller, everyday bags, but also to provide an elegant mark of authenticity.


Louis Vuitton Lockit

Elegant enough to stand – front and center – on its own, Louis Vuitton launched a line of padlock jewelry, called Lockit, in 2013. Arguably a more modern version of traditional heart-shaped lockets, Louis Vuitton created sized-down replicas of its iconic padlocks to fit on necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. Louis Vuitton’s Lockit collection has reframed its padlocks to symbolize not only protection and authenticity, but also love and attachment. Its padlocks now serve as a nod to the love lock tradition of: together with a loved one, locking a padlock to a bridge and throwing the key into the water in order to forever seal your commitment to each other.


TVB’s Exclusive LV Padlock Collection

Here, at The Vintage Bar, we also believe the Louis Vuitton Padlock is worthy of a moment of its own. So, at the end of 2018, we followed Louis Vuitton’s lead and released our take on its Lockit line. Staying true to our mission, we have sourced vintage padlocks that have been separated from their bags and repurposed them as pendants. And, we could not be happier with the result.  The chunky, brass padlocks are well-balanced by the delicate, gold-plated chains we have paired them with, making each necklace a statement piece that can be worn alone or layered. Our Louis Vuitton Padlock necklaces serve as the perfect gift for a significant other on Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, the most on-trend friendship necklaces, or the ultimate way to indulge yourself with a little self-love. We hope you will join us in carrying a piece of the Louis Vuitton legacy around your neck – because these padlocks are simply too chic to go to waste or spend the rest of time attached to a bridge!

Cover photography by: @_louisechristensen

Edited by : Anna Villani

The people pictured are not associated with The Archive or The Vintage Bar, and do not endorse the products shown.

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