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Hands-Free Bags Are the Must-Have Accessory This Festival Season

Goodbye, flower crowns. This year, bags are the new hot festival accessory, offering a final – and more practical – touch to every sequin bikini top and pair of neon biker shorts. These hands-free bags will hold everything you need while you run from stage to stage, and will land you on the best-dressed list.


Festival season is underway! While everyone attends to watch some of the biggest names in music, it was the bags that took center stage at Coachella this year. Ever since Gigi Hadid clipped a Louis Vuitton Trousse Wapity Pouch to her vest on day one and a Prada Vela Belt Bag across her torso on day two, hands-free bags have become the new must-have festival accessory. With a jam-packed season still ahead, make sure you have coordinated a bag with each look. Scroll down to shop our hands-free picks. Wearing with any of these, you will stand out like Gigi and be able to throw your arms in the air while you dance. An added bonus: all of them are vintage classics, which will be in style long after Ariana Grande’s set is over.

No Longer Just for Tourists

Though the most typical choice, the fanny pack is nonetheless always a clear winner and go-to – especially if you are having one of those last minute, what-to-wear headaches. And, hey, when you can no longer count the number of cold beers you have drank on one hand, having all your essentials organized in different compartments is always helpful. As if it could not get any better, wearing a fanny pack, you will not have to worry about losing your belongings. Strap any of these options around your waist or across your chest, and you will be able to dance and rap along to Cardi B completely carefree.

Where Should I Put My Sweater?

Not exactly known for traveling light? If you are the type of festival-goer that needs to have more than just your phone and wallet on you at all times, then the backpack is your new bestie. Large enough to hold a sweater for when the sun sets and temperature drops, these options will always have your back.

Go Crossbody or Go Home

A classic crossbody will never let you down. Tone down your face glitter and cowboy boots with a more discrete crossbody, or go all-out with a monogrammed one – after all, logo mania is at its height, leaving you with no reason not to invest. With any of these crossbody options, you will be able to keep it simple or rep your favorite brand all while pushing your way to the front row.

No Dance-Offs for Me, Please!

More into sipping your cocktail than joining mosh pit dance-offs? Then, tuck a shoulder bag under your arm as you stand back and enjoy the show. With any of these options slung over your shoulder, you will look like you belong in the VIP section.

Have fun and enjoy the music!

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