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Brand Stories

Brand Stories

Throwback Thursday: Gucci SS98

It is low-rise season again. Take your cue from Gucci SS98 and get ready for a peekaboo moment or two.

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Fifteen years before Jay-Z would dedicate an entire, laudatory song to the designer (boastfully rapping, “I rock Tom Ford”), Tom Ford’s SS98 collection for Gucci lit up the Milanese runway with his signature sultry, yet sophisticated aesthetic, tinged with not-so-subtle hints of outrageousness – in the form of exposed thong and bra straps, natch. Though not quite as scandalous as shaving a Gucci ‘G’ into model Carmen Kass’s exposed pubic hair (for fashion history fans: that would come in 2003), the late ‘90s and early ‘00s fashion after-effects were, nonetheless, seismic.

From the moment Esther Cañadas opened the show, irreverently clad in a simple, black, figure-hugging two-piece, ‘90s dress was turned on its head – or, should we say, inside out. (Have you ever wondered who gave Carrie Bradshaw et al. permission to feature an exposed undergarment or two? Thank Ford’s brand of sexy.) Cañadas’s conservatively hemmed (knee-length) and inky colored look was body conscious to the max, as well as scandalously low-rise – ideal for that  peekaboo moment. Zero accessories and sleek, swept up hair ensured that the model’s bra and G-string straps commanded every bit of the style set’s attention. Committed fashionistas took their cue and exposed undergarments, particularly contrasting bra straps underneath tank tops or camisoles, took on a life of their own and were everywhere by the early 2000s.

Fast-forward to summer 2018 and enter one Kim Kardashian West, who posted a picture of herself sporting a black (unisex) Gucci thong from Ford’s SS97 collection (currently on display at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art) ostentatiously high on her hips and peeping out from her pale-yellow ensemble. Low-rise season had markedly returned and, with it, the exposed G-string. As if to cement its comeback to the style spotlight, Hailey Bieber wore a streamlined, bubblegum pink Alexander Wang gown with an added – logoed and bedazzled – thong detail (playfully dubbed the ‘whale tail’) to the 2019 Met Gala. As one does.

Cover photography by: firstview.com

Edited by : Anna Villani

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