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To Have and to Hold

Hear the wedding bells ringing? Say ‘I do’ to our bridal bag picks.

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As a bride-to-be, you already have a lot of stressful decisions to make – like whether to serve chicken or fish, and where to sit feuding family members. So, leave the accessorizing – for every pre- and post-wedding event – to us. With these bags in your trousseau, you will go from Miss. to Mrs. in style! 

For the Engagement Party

Too excited to wait until the big day to wear white? We do not blame you for wanting to flaunt that you are going to be a bride. Say ‘yes’ to one of these white bags for your engagement party. 

For the Bachelorette Party

Whether your bridesmaids are taking you on a bar crawl or a yoga retreat, your ‘last fling before the ring’ is sure to be a party you will never forget. Let one of these crossbody bags carry everything you need, so you can enjoy your last moments as a single woman completely carefree. 

For the Rehearsal Dinner

As you welcome your guests the night before, your nerves will undoubtedly be at an all-time high. With one of these evening bags by your side, you will look calm, cool, and collected. We will toast to that!  


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For the Morning of

A broken zipper and no sewing kit… A chipped manicure and no backup polish… We have all heard the morning of horror stories. Pack your ’emergency kit’ in one of these cosmetic bags, so you will have everything you need to walk down the aisle. 

For the Reception

For good luck, make sure you account for your ‘something old’ – and even ‘something blue’! – with one of these vintage bags. Do not worry, nobody ever remembers the ‘and a sixpence in your shoe’. 

For the Honeymoon

Celebrating your newlywed status on the shores of the Maldives or the slopes of the Alps? No matter your honeymoon destination, these carry-ons will help get you there 



Cover photography by: @mie_juel

Edited by : Anna Villani

The people pictured are not associated with The Archive or The Vintage Bar, and do not endorse the products shown.

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