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The Vintage Bar’s’ Consignment service is here to make selling preloved luxury items easy, safe and enjoyable. We take care of everything: price setting, authentication, product photography, description, shipping to buyer etc. We will sell your pre-loved item and you will benefit from a dedicated and personal service from one of our brand experts. Start consigning today and you may earn up to 75% back on the purchase price of items you have fallen out of love with.


Tell us more about the preloved handbag that you would like to sell. In order to ensure an effortless sale, only items that are popular amongst our community will be eligible for the Consignment Service. If we are interested in your item, we will ask you to send us some photos of it in order to be able to make a first control check. If we accept an item, we will send you the needed information, so you can send it to us.


After you have send us your preloved bag – we take care of everything. Product authentication, pricing, quality control, product description, and photography. Each item will also be photographed by our professional street-style photographer on one our in-house models or an influencer that we collaborate with. Your item is now ready to find a new lovely owner.


To ensure that your items are sold, we track the progress, the reach and the popularity of your item, we reply to all inqueries regarding your item and we manage all kind of requests. Most of our consignment items sell within two weeks.


When your item is sold, we take care of wrapping it in silk paper, packaging it and shipping it immediately to the new owner.
14 days after the purchase, if the new owner has fallen completely in love with your item and has decided to keep it – you will receive a direct payment of your profit from the sale that is sent to your account.

Give your handbag the second life it deserves