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Throwback Thursday: Chanel Travel Line(s)

Discover Chanel’s Travel Lines, and embark on the style voyage of your dreams.

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Discrete, lightweight, and durable, Chanel’s Travel Line has appeared twice since the late ‘90s. The original, today dubbed the ‘Old’ Travel Line, was released in 1997; while, in 2002, it was revived and re-released as…you guessed it: the ‘New’ Travel Line. Since discontinued, both lines are now hard to find and, as a result, highly collectible. If you are lucky enough to score a piece from either, it will be the first-class bag in your collection.

Ready to go full speed ahead into Chanel’s archives?


Old Travel Line (c. 1997 – 1999)

Fashioned out of nylon, Chanel’s Old Travel Line is recognizable for its inky, last-train-to-Paris-at-midnight appearance. Each bag is black with screen-printed, diamond quilting in contrasting white, and features red-hot, crimson interior lining. Intended for practical, yet chic globetrotting, the line consists of roller suitcases, duffels, totes, backpacks, and money belts.


New Travel Line (2002 – c. 2008)

Though available in neutrals, the New Travel Line is famous for its pastel, cotton candy-like hues: powder blue, baby pink, and pale yellow. Its pieces are still crafted of screen-printed nylon, but are bedecked with – a more graphic, modern design – Karl Lagerfeld’s tonal, ‘CC’, square quilting. The line is offered in travel and everyday styles. From its Pet Carrier for posh pooches to its crave-worthy Chocolate Bar, there is a New Travel Line bag for everyone.


Feeling overcome by wanderlust yet?

Cover photography by: @annejohannsen

Edited by : TVB Intern

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