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The Vintage Bar is the ultimate destination for hand-picked vintage items where our customers can expect a safe and effortless shopping experience. Trust is at the heart of The Vintage Bar and every vintage bag that we sell is carefully examined to ensure that we only offer items that we love and can be proud of.

We understand that shopping online for vintage luxury items can lead to concerns regarding authenticity. With the risk of counterfeit handbags, it can be difficult for buyers to assess whether they are actually buying legitimate authentic handbags. We do our best to offer you the comfort of shopping vintage designer items with confidence regarding authenticity – our expert team control every aspect of our bags prior that we list these on our site.

We provide a 100% guarantee of authenticity on all the items that we sell. You will receive an authenticity certificate with any purchased item from The Vintage Bar. We also offer you an easy 14 days return, allowing you to see the bag in person.


Trust is at the heart of everything that we do and we are committed to ensure a safe and effortless shopping experience to our community of vintage lovers. Every vintage bag that we sell is carefully examined by our brand experts to ensure quality, authenticity and love in every item that we sell.

We do what we are passionate about, which is crucial when it comes to the quality control of a vintage item. Determining the authenticity is a combination of knowledge and experience. Our brand experts have worked with the brands that we sell for many years, so we can confidently guarantee the authenticity of every item that we sell.

Have you already found the bag of your dreams on our website? You are always welcome to contact us to learn more about it before placing your order. We are always happy to guide you through our collection of vintage treasures and assist you with your purchase. Do not hesitate to call us on +45 31 50 37 38 or e-mail us at contact@thevintagebar.dk to talk to one of our brand experts.

The Process

Our brand experts receive ongoing training in identifying counterfeits. This is our finest commitment to our community of vintage lovers. Our brand experts check every detail of each item that we receive before it is uploaded to our site. The verification process include a detailed evaluation of a combination of elements, such as the hallmarks, label, hardware, stitching, zippers, buttons, metal parts, symmetry, material, craftsmanship, stamping, codes and hologram stickers.

Furthermore our brand experts carefully evaluate the workmanship of every item and the materials to ensure that every item that we sell is 100% consistent with the original item description and the established standards of the brand in question. If the item has been modified or repaired (replaced leather parts, metal parts, stitching etc.), this will always be mentioned in the product description.

After the authentication process, the item is photographed and uploaded to our site – ready to find a new lovely owner. When the item is sold, it is wrapped in silk paper, packaged and shipped immediately to the new happy owner. You don’t like what you have received? No problem – the order is cancelled; and the purchase is refunded in full.