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Month: April 2019


The Bible of – Louis Vuitton – Authentication

Because Louis Vuitton is the most counterfeited of any brand, we have created a comprehensive guide to help you separate the genuine from the knock-offs. Prevent yourself from spending your hard-earned money on a fake, by making us your most trusted authentication source, and invest in authenticity instead!

IT items

Still Hungry for the Baguette

The ‘IT bag’ of the ‘00s is back on the menu at Fendi, and fashionistas around the world are ravenous for it.

Brand Stories

Miuccia Prada’s Nylon Revolution

When Miuccia Prada designed the Vela, which would later become the brand’s flagship bag, she subverted the traditional idea of luxury. Using nylon, she stitched resistance directly into the – now iconic – backpack and forever marked Prada as the agitator of fashion norms.

IT items

Dior’s Crown Jewel

The Lady Dior is fit for a queen…or at least a princess.

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Logo Lovin’

The logo love affair of the early ‘00s has reignited. You no longer have to be discreet; carry one of these insignia covered bags, and flaunt which designer brand you are completely head over heels for.


The Bag Trends Giving Life to Spring 2019

Ready to thaw out after such a long and cold winter? We have forecasted this season’s five main bag trends, so you can soak up the sun’s rays in style all spring long.

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Introducing the Louis Vuitton Padlock

Louis Vuitton’s iconic locks: from securing your belongings to sealing your love.